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How to Make Herb Leaves Binahong To Heart

Efficacious Binahong leaf for cuts Affairs and In, How to Make Herb Leaves Binahong To Heart

The heart is the most important organ in the human body that function of pumping blood throughout the body and to hold them back after cleaning lungs. This means that the function of the heart of man is as a tool or blood-pumping organ in humans. At that time the heart to provide sufficient oxygen and blood flows throughout the body, as well as cleansing the body darih metabolism (carbon dioxide). So as to fulfill the functions of the heart collects oxygen deficient blood from the entire body and then pumps it to the lungs, the blood in the heart by way of taking in oxygen and remove carbon dioxide. At the heart of oxygen-rich blood from the lungs is pumped to tissues throughout the human body.


The importance of maintaining the health of your heart, you just need to cultivate a healthy lifestyle patterns, such as eating a healthy diet for the heart.


On this occasion we will give you tips and how to make herb leaves Binahong. but you should know this plant back so that no one chose the leaves.


How to Make Herb Leaves Binahong To Heart

How to Make Herb Leaves Binahong To Heart Most of the plants binahong contained in the wet tropical forests, but also can be found in marshes and on the banks of rivers, roadsides and rock outcrops. The plant is also often found crawling on top of other plants or circular on the trunks of trees with roots support. Leaf color looks slightly browned and almost transparent when nascent, but then it quickly became dark green as they grow up some time.

Sometimes a few white flowers appear on plants that have grown up. Binahong plant is one of the easiest plants to grow as a house plant. This is because this plant is very strong in a variety of conditions.

Back to the subject, prepare the material ingredients as follows


  1. Binahong young leaves as many as 20 sheets;
  2. 8 glasses of water.

How to make a decoction of leaves binahong:

  • First download the binahong 20 leaves, then wash with cold water, after net knead until the leaves secrete more mucus;
  • Put the squeeze of the binahong leaves into a pot with 8 cups of water. Put on the stove at medium flame, binahong leaves boiled until the remaining 3 cups of water only, lift and strain or separate leaves with boiling water, herb leaves binahong ready for use.

How to use herbs leaves binahong:

Efficacious Binahong leaf for cuts Affairs and InTo use it is easy, you just drink the potion, but drink the concoction three times a day only, in a stew you can make 3 cups of herb leaves binahong this as the above, although it does not feel good but leaves binahong is very good for heart health and can lower blood sugar.

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Well that’s a potion to us berkan on this occasion. if the sign does not find a leaf binahong in your area, you are not already worried, because now available syrup medicine for your heart health.

With properties that exceed herb leaves such binahong :

Cancer Tonsil Cancer Nasal Cancer Abdomen, Liver Cancer, Blood Cancer, Lymph node cancer, Skin Cancer Brain cancer Lip Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Cancer Endometrial Cancer cysts, cancer Endometriosis, Cancer OtotKanker Gall, bone cancer, cancer Esophagus Cancer TiroidKanker Nasopharyngeal Cancer Testis Cancer Pharyngitis Cancer Uterine Cancer gums Cancer Vulvar Cancer Soft Tissue Cancer Face of Cancer Ingredients Throat Cancer Oral Cancer lung Cancer, Lymphoma Cancer Breast Cancer Cancer Larynx Prostate Cancer Liver Cancer Cervical Cancer, Cancer Eye Cancer Tongue Cancer mammary Cervical Cancer myoma cancer colon cancer. cancer Pancreatic cancer testes, Luka Affairs.

That’s the benefit of herbal medicines that have exceptional properties in mengobti all ills.

Thank you for visiting this article, hopefully helpful and beneficial